BP-Moderation is broken. Help fix it!

I’ve been out of BuddyPress game for a while, mainly because I’m not using it on websites I curate or work on, and I was committed to other projects.

While BP-Media is maintained by other developers, I’m the only one working on this plugin and I have received emails about it not working on the latest versions of WP and BP.

I started to look into it and the dev version should now be working on single-site installs, Today I’ll test on multisite and fix it.  I can’t devote lot of time to it right now so any help, tester or developer, is appreciated.

The development version is now on GitHub at https://github.com/francescolaffi/BP-Moderation, if you are not confortable with git you can get the zipped dev version at https://github.com/francescolaffi/BP-Moderation/archive/master.zip.
Stable versions will be tagged in WP official svn repo.

How can you help to get it fixed?

I found out that BP-Moderation codebase is messed up, with logic and template mixed together and some singleton black magic to load the main classes, can’t understand how it seemed a good idea when I wrote it years ago, at least is not really extensive so its workable.
I started a new branch 0.2 for the refactoring, it will target PHP 5.3+, WP 3.6 and BP 1.8, maybe WP 3.5 and BP 1.7; the 0.1 branch will be compatible with BP 1.7/1.8, but won’t get new feature or compatibility with later BP versions.

6 thoughts on “BP-Moderation is broken. Help fix it!”

  1. Thank you so much for picking this project back up! I’m launching a new site today (a Multisite + BP + BBP) and BP Moderation is the only plugin I’ve found that will let the community report spam. You can imagine how I felt after finding out it didn’t work. The wordpress plugin listing looked dead so I had almost given up, but I happen to do a random google search and found this page.

    Is the dev install working with multisite yet? If so I will give it a go on a test site (and later my main if it doesn’t break anything) and I’ll report anything I find.

    1. hi, there should not be any major problems on the plugin core even in multisite, but I haven’t tested all the different content types that it handles.

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