Ghost: just a blogging platform in node.js

I’m checking out Ghost, a newborn node.js blogging platform focused on the user experience, these are my first impressions, as user and developer. Installation The installation instructions are easy, especially for test environments, since nodejs doesn’t need a webserver like nginx or apache, and Ghost can use sqlite as db, so the simplest complete stack […]

SongTsu: from Whymca to the Maker Faire

In May 2013 I took part in the Hack Reality 2 by Whymca, an hackathon with very interesting APIs and devices, I teamed up with other devs and electronics experts and SongTsu was born. We used a wearable matrix sensor, openpicus, blackberry and steremood API to create a system to make easier to give shatsu […]

WPday 2013 Bologna: wp-cli

The first WPday was a success, with a professional public it was possible to have a more technical track and interesting conversations during the breaks, thanks to everyone that took part to it for the great event! I hope you enjoyed it too! As pugBO we were very satisfied with the result and we’ll definitely organize […]

WPday Bologna 2013 and WordCamp Europe

WPday Bologna WPday is an event for WordPress developer and designers that will take in Bologna on 13 Sept 2013. Is organized by GrUSP, the national PHP user group, and pugBO, the local one, which I am part of. I’ll be talking about wp-cli, a great command line tool for WordPress professionals and power users. […]

BP-Moderation 0.1.7 compatible with BP 1.7 & BP 1.8

BP-Moderation 0.1.7 is out, and it’s compatible with the two most recent BuddyPress minor versions. The moderation admin interface has been moved in its own top level admin menu item, to address the removal of the BuddyPress menu item that was used as parent for BP-Mod item. No new features, just a maintenance release. For […]

BP-Moderation is broken. Help fix it!

I’ve been out of BuddyPress game for a while, mainly because I’m not using it on websites I curate or work on, and I was committed to other projects. While BP-Media is maintained by other developers, I’m the only one working on this plugin and I have received emails about it not working on the […]

Day 1-2: Postojna

Bologna -> Postojna We departed from Bologna in the morning of 20 July, taking 300km of motorway to Trieste. From there we planned to avoid the Slovenian motorway because we only had to do short parts of it and the tolls are weekly or monthly, so we tried to follow the county roads, but signs […]

Croatia on the road

I’m travelling Croatia by motorbike (BMW F650GS) with my girlfriend, she took with us her netbook to post on her blog about the travel so why not post some info and photo here too? My site have been semi-dead for some time anyway, some fresh content will be nice. We already did half of the […]

WordCamp Milano 2011: day 2

[like the previous slides these are in italian too] WordPress Community [italian] – WordCamp Milano 2011 View more presentations from Francesco Laffi

WordCamp Milano 2011: day 1

[Hi there int'l friends, slides are only in italian as I presented them in Milan, but most links point to good english resources] Extending BuddyPress – WordCamp Milano 2011 [italian] View more presentations from Francesco Laffi Video streaming by Ustream