19 thoughts on “Add confirm email field in BuddyPress signup page”

  1. Hi :)

    I want to disable email confirmation when a user registers to my site. so when a user signs up a new account, he would be able to login and post immadiately after his sign up, without any email activation.

    I searched for plugins, but i found nothing. can you help me?

  2. Hi Amin,
    first of all, are you sure you really wanna to do it? it has some cons:
    – you’ll not have a verified way to contact members
    – if someone use a valid mail of someone else to register then your site will be sending notification emails to someone that has not opted-in for them and has no way to stop them. This is bad.

    After a very quick look to the signup/activation code I think is possible but the solution depends on how wp is installed (single site/multi site) and probably the version too.
    So if you still are sure of it I’ll have a deeper look when I have some free time, leave here the version of your wp (that should be 3, otherwise update it) and if you are using it as a single or multi site install.

    1. yes I think you are right, it’s better not to disable it.
      anyway, thank you for your reply :)

      em, I cheked the “notify me of follow up comments via e-mail” in this post, but I didn’t receive any email. maybe you should fix it.

  3. Is there a simple way to modify this to make it so only a certain email domain can be used + throw an error message stating you must use a valid @example.com email address to register?

    1. Hi Becs, glad it is useful. Is the code still working the way it is, or you had to change something? There have been several wp/bp updates since I wrote it 3 years ago, I’d be surpriset if it’s still compatible :)

  4. Francesco, may I ask, is there a way I can add to this code, so that it is not possible to copy and paste from the first email field to the second (so people have to type their email address twice manually)?
    Thanks again,

  5. Thank you. The code is still working in WP4.0 and BuddyPress2.1.
    I did change the line elseif($_POST['signup_email'] != $_POST['signup_email_first'] ) to elseif($_POST['signup_email'] !== $_POST['signup_email_first'] )

  6. Thanks francesco, I have used the code on my poetry community site. It works great. I had too many invalid email addresses in my list. This helps a lot.

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